30 Nov
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Terrific Typography Time-lapse

So far I just put out a few letters here and there but not a complete alphabet. No more. This font time-lapse video below is my first attempt at a full set of letters. The video itself is only 48 seconds long but the actual drawing took much longer. Go ahead, take a look and see if you can spot the parrot.

For a little bit of explanation: I’m using tracing paper to copy some shapes/curves that I thought could be reused for similar letters – like n and u, b and d and so on. But I usually hand-corrected each letter to make it look right. Also, if anybody is interested, the music is  a song called “Les filles d’attente” by Law’ – it’s freely available for private use.

Now that there is a whole sentence on the page, I’m interested in opinions of how it fits together. Do letters harmonize? Are some to small/big? Too bold, too thin? I did this a few days ago, so I haven’t incorporated all suggestions that I got from my last post.

Final outcome



  • Looks fun, it remembers me of school when we had to trace and ink letters.

    Do you have a big picture of your finished letters? It’s quite hard to appreciate them on the video.

  • Great, k, t, f and r are a tad narrow. The dot of the i is small. P looks a bit wide for the lowercase but it would be good to see other upper case letters to have a better impression.

    a,c,g and s seem to have a distinct modulation than the rest of the letters.

    It hints a bit to a modulated futura which is good. You could try a single storey a.

So, what do you think?

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