10 Dec
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The A-Team

After a week of frantic end-of-term scrambling, I finally got some time to work on the details of the font. The idea here is to distill the essence of each letter while simultaneously refining the overall character of the typeface. Below, you see my own personal a-team, with the first (top left) probably the closest to my work so far.

Now, if you think these letters are pretty generic you are right – and you are not. My goal was to create a “useable” font that is not just an oddity, so I purposely tried to be more “conservative”. On the other hand, details matter in typography and small changes can have a big influence on the overall look of a font. Look at the sample list of a’s from famous typefaces below and see if my a is similar to any one of them. There are certainly similarities but none of them quite match.


Famous a’s

Here is a little collection of lowercase a’s from well-known typefaces. On many, the upper part of the bowl is almost horizontal and going downwards toward the stem (unlike mine). It also seems like my bowl is much thicker. Finally, I think the diagonal ending of the upper bow on most of my letters is in some way unique (at least compared to these examples). Any other interesting comparisons that stick out? Let me know.


  • As I mentioned on another post I think you have a mixed contrast and modulation style on your typeface. I see this typeface morphing into a modulated futura, this would be very exciting.

  • Try a single story a.

So, what do you think?

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