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Taking the next step – attack of the Glyphs

After a rather long Christmas hiatus, I’m glad to report that a) I haven’t given up on the font (in case anybody was wondering) and b) there is actually some progress.

First, I finished the complete revision and refinement of the lowercase letters. For comparison, check out the “first draft” from November below:


It is still pretty generic and “unpolished”. The width of the stems seem too dominant. The round forms feel aggressive. Overall the font is missing a “light touch”.

With these thoughts in mind and with some helpful suggestions on this blog, I went back to the drawing pad and tried to address some of these issues. I tried to give the font more of a character by adding more prominent curves at some of the endings. Plus, I went for a “lighter” look. Here is what I came up with after several revisions:

Pack my box

Somehow I managed to switch “jugs” to “jars”. I hope you don’t miss the “g”.

Glyphs Mini

Finally, in the interest of moving on, I decided to start the digitalization process. After looking through the software options out there, I decided to use Glyphs Mini. It’s a Mac app tailored to font enthusiasts like me. Unlike many of the pro solutions it’s relatively cheap and can be upgraded to the pro version. It does have a learning curve but I imagine that’s the same for all of these applications. But now that I kind of got the hang of it, I quite like it. I might post a review at some point on this blog.

Anyway, below is the lowercase “a” in it’s full Bezier glory. As you can see, I used my drawings as a background and adjusted from there.

Glyph a

So far, I have only created a handful of glyphs. The software allows you to write out words to contrast and compare and see if they harmonize. Below is the word “wand”.

Glyph letters

So much for now. Any comments, suggestions? Let me know.

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  • I think you are going ahead of yourself here, contrast is not uniform and you still have to work on you UC and figures but Typophile’s Build or General Forum is the place to take this job on the eye of the experts. I think the result is light.

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